Date Posted: June 22, 2022

Focusing your advertising efforts on one niche is crucial for affiliate marketers. There are probably many theories to affiliate marketing and running up for your business in the particular industry but it depends which strategy works for you. But the first step you’ll have to take into consideration is choosing the right vertical for you.

Verticals in affiliate marketing follow the same principles as those for any other type of business model, and you might want to work with a vertical marketing network to sell products or services that are bespoke-designed to appeal to a specific niche.

If you are all set to start your journey as a successful affiliate marketer, you need to have a good understanding of what an affiliate marketing vertical is. At privatecpa, we tend to go a little bit further and give you some insights on what verticals will be trendy in 2021.

Each affiliate, working in different niches, will give you his own unique answer. We won’t dictate any vertical you must choose. But in order to help you differentiate between the industry’s verticals, we have narrowed down some of the large verticals that are still going strong in 2021. Forecasts that are very interesting…


Dating affiliate networks are a specific niche of the wider affiliate partnership world that specialize in promoting products and services pertaining to dating websites and hook-ups. To put it clearly, to the extent that people will continue to be attracted to others, Online Dating will continue to be one of the main verticals of affiliate marketing with a continual stream of awaiting buyers looking for services of this type. Given the size and appeal of the dating industry, many creators and marketers want to profit from it.

Why dating affiliate partnerships tend to be so lucrative for committed affiliates? It comes down to a combination of factors, which provide a range of advantages to the affiliates that promote them in terms of making it easier to achieve success. Those include a high level of probability of achieving ongoing or repeat sales, a range of effective ways to market and promote dating content, including both paid adverts and free promotions that simply require your time and input rather than any financial commitment. But also, a continual waiting stream of new buyers looking for content from within the niche, and a high degree of flexibility open to affiliates in terms of where and how you promote your content, ranging from banner ads and external links to the blog posting, social media engagement, and much more. To conclude, it is easy to find high-converting traffic with Dating, especially through Facebook that is a good traffic source highly appreciated (we mean qualified…) by advertisers.


The term “nutraceuticals” encompasses all products that come from food sources and have an additional benefit besides nutritional value. Nutra affiliate networks connect publishers with affiliate programs that advertise health and beauty related products or so-called Nutra. Given the nature of these products, there are several channels that are more efficient than others for publishers to promote Nutra offers, such as native traffic, Facebook, Instagram, paid search and driving traffic to a landing page via Search Engine Optimization. Particularly Instagram, being the number one choice for people to express themselves visually, allows publishers to present various cosmetics front and featured and yield high returns. According to predictions, The Nutra industry is expected to surpass the 300 Billion mark by the year 2023, and affiliate marketing has a huge role in these predictions.


People will always love to participate in contests for the chance to win something! That is why Sweepstakes offers will be always one of the most interesting and stable offers in affiliate marketing. Another reason explains the importance of this vertical: many mobile content advertisers have switched to Sweepstakes due to the new regulations coming from the carriers. Affiliates have been able to promote these offers successfully on multiple traffic sources and on multiple GEOs.

To be a part of the sweepstakes, the client needs to put in their name and surname, email, phone number… Some of the most popular prizes to win from sweepstakes are mobile phones, shopping gift cards, and travel offers. The affiliate marketer gets a commission when a user completes a sign-up process. The chance of winning top prizes means publishers can drive traffic through exciting sweepstake offers. Entering to win the latest IPhone, for example, could boost sales conversions and revenue for publishers. There are three main types of sweepstakes : the CC Submit where the user needs to enter bank card data and subscribing through it. From the user write off a certain amount of money. This is the most difficult option but it is also the most profitable one and not all affiliate programs work with it. Then, you have the SOI, referring to the sweepstakes with simple registration (you only need to specify your data). This is the easiest type of offer and has the lowest payout among sweepstakes. And you also have the DOI, referring to the sweepstakes with the need to confirm through your email (follow the link from the letter that arrives after registration). This is a more difficult option to work with but the payouts are higher than in SOI. Therefore, you need to be very strategic about the type of sweep you want to run.

Video on demand:

Streaming is now the new normal and VOD services are now big business. It’s no surprise then that VOD is rapidly becoming one of the top verticals in the affiliate industry. But how do VOD offers work and how can you start running them? In this article, we’ll introduce you to this exciting vertical and show you how you can run awesome VOD campaigns.

VOD or Video On Demand services are platforms that people sign up to to stream films and TV shows. The most famous examples of these are Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and Disney +. As demand for VOD streaming services grows, so too do the number of providers.

One of the great things about VOD offers is that they are fast becoming a must have for people all around the world. There is also plenty of room in the market for competitors to enter the race, as the major players often restrict content outside of the USA. Disney+ for example, is only available in North America.


The latest technological advancements and commercial initiatives (e.g., gambling with cryptocurrencies) turn online gambling into a very dynamic and constantly changing sphere. Today Asian and African casinos are on the rise as the gambling industry is growing at a significant pace in China, Singapore, and South Africa. Also, bet will be all the more important as the year 2021 will be very busy in sporting event (Olympic Games, Euro 2020,…).

The online gambling niche can bring in huge commissions if properly mined. Casino affiliate niche provides publishers with lots of high-paying offers that are capable to generate high income even with a limited number of offers. Make sure you fit with rules when you promote gambling industry. But even if gambling is more and more regulated, it will be a strong vertical these next years. Another advantage of casino affiliate programs is the fact that they are backed by popular household name brands that greatly help to build trust. Finally high conversions and payouts are available thanks to well tested and high-converting mobile landing pages.

Earn the highest commision

We have the best payment terms, lowest minimums, and multiple payout methods.

Earn the highest commision

We have the best payment terms, lowest minimums, and multiple payout methods.